Vellvette Box : January Edition

Hi people,
                 On Beauty Velvette today, I am sharing my January month's Vellvette Box which came tied in a beautiful Golden colored Ribbon and an amazing whiff inside. I received it on 29th of January and I hate to wait that long :p
Here's what I received in the Box :

Vellvette Box ~ January Edition

                    OPI Nail Lacquer ~ Big Apple Red [ 3.75 ml ]

                NYASSA Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub (Body)


                                                                                 CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap ~ Mild                                                                     

Since last two months, I was not getting any Skincare products in my Boxes inspite of my filling 'Skincare' as a priority in the Questionnaire, so I wrote to the Vellvette Crew pointing down my concerns and as a result I finally received a Skincare product in my latest box i.e a Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Mild) and I am totally liking how it compliments my Skin. The next product I got is an OPI Nail Lacquer in the shade Big Apple Red which is a beautiful red and I am lovin' it's rich formula as only a single coat leaves a rich layer on the nails coating them from every end perfectly and it dries super fast too. Now, coming over to the last product which is Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Body Scrub, to be honest, I am not feeling this scrub at all except for it's fragrance. A look at it makes me feel uneasy about it's full sugar crystals and the roughly coarse sometimes powder-y particals but I'll give it try and let you know the final verdict. So, for me the highlights of this Box are Clinique Liquid Facial Soap and the beautiful OPI Nail Enamel. 
What did you like in my January month's Box the most ?? 

OPI ~ Big Apple Red on my Nails 
                                                                                                                         Wearing just a Single Coat


  1. The nail colour suits you :)
    I wasn't that pleased with the scrub either.. Your facial soap looks nice :)

    1. Thanks Neha :)
      Yup, the Scrub is the least interested part of January's box.

  2. Thanks for the review - I've subscribed for the first time, based on this (still a little uneasy with the idea of paying for samples). I wish I'd read your Enchantess review as well BEFORE I subscribed. Argh!
    Anyway, following your blog. When you have a moment, do check mine out at www.mybeautyjunction.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Renu, welcome to Beauty Velvette :)
      Paying for Samples when they are presented by Vellvette is worth a deal because they always send some awesome Luxury samples whereas Enchantess needs to rethink seriously before they write "Luxury Beauty Samples " on their website coz they don't offer any. Anyways, do give it a try, who knows you might get some good products in your Enchantess bag this time. :)

    2. Following your Blog too :)