Reviewed : Cosmedic Sali-Q Active Cleanser

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                         Today on Beauty Velvette, I am reviewing a Face Cleanser from a new brand called Cosmedic, a brain child of Dr. Kiran Lohia created by a team of doctors from the US and India. Cosmedic is the first brand that is formulated, tested and approved by dermatologists.

Price :      190/-
Quantity : 60 ml

The Packaging Says : Sali-Q Active Cleanser is Clinically proven oil free cleanser which eliminates pimples and excess oil to reveal healthy, clear skin. Our proprietary Sali-Q complex delivers 2% Salicylic Acid while repairing the skin barrier for optimal anti-acne effect without any irritation. Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Oil Free, Non- Drying.

My experience with the product :

Cosmedic's Sali-Q Active Cleanser comes in a military green coloured Plastic bottle packaging with a cylindrical top cap and a pump dispenser inside. The liquid cleanser is transparent and turns pale when accumulated and carries a very nice and soft fragrance which I really like. One push of hand on the dispenser gives out a li'l product which is not enough for cleansing the whole face and thus it requires a total of 4 presses for me to cleanse my face properly. I've been using this cleanser for about 2 weeks now and saw the size of my Acne diminishing to quite an extent and the tiny ones even vanishing though I don't have a serious acne problem and have very mild acne on a sensitive skin therefore I can't say it'll work on heavier ones. The cleanser takes time to start working on the Acne because in the first week of using it, I didn't saw anything happening, it was in the second week that I actually felt its working. It doesn't irritates and dry out my skin but makes it supple post wash.  My only concern regarding this cleanser is that it doesn't lather much and only creates a thin film due to which it takes a lot of quantity to cleanse the face which in turn empties the bottle fast though it also contains Parabens but that's not an issue untill it's in excess and irritates the skin.

The Verdict :
Those who suffer from very Mild Acne should give this one a try as it effectively cleanses and clears up the skin without making it dry and Itchy. It can be bought from their Online store Here.
I'll score it 4/5

The product is sent by the Brand seeking feedback and the opinions expressed in this post are totally as per my experience with the product.


  1. m using a facial cleanser from same brand named AVEDERM. It'z effective but expensive on other side. will give a try for this . thanks for bringing upto my knowledge. :)

    1. Welcome to Beauty Velvette Vipra :)
      It's decently priced and works too, it's worth a try.