Enchantess Bag : A Blooper !!

Hi Everyone,
                       By now, you must be knowing about Enchantess.com, A Beauty Sampling website which claims to send you 3-4 Deluxe Beauty samples along with some exciting Discount Coupons to avail on their website against the full sized products. Well... Hello! Neither I got any Deluxe samples nor Any discount coupons with my 1 month subscription bag. Any explanations Team Enchantess ?? 

This website was doing rounds since quite a few months, claiming dollops about themselves and when they finally launched this month, I thought of trying it out seeing a good line up of luxury brands on their site and bought a 1 month subscription worth Rs 399/-  but to my dismay, I got a South Korean L'Angel Luxury 3D Hair Treatment pouches 3 in no., A Biotique Lip Plumping Lip Balm, Colorbar  Lash Illusion Mascara Duo in Black and an Abnormally large Magazine called Inside Salon & Spa . There were no Description/How to use cards or even Discount Coupons provided with the products and  It's it's strictly unprofessional on their part. God knows how to use that South Korean 3D Hair treatment pouches coz everything is printed in an Alien language  except for the Ingredients details and the Name that are in English. 

L'Angel Luxury 3D Hair Treatment [Price- ??]

Colorbar Lash Illusions Mascara Duo  [Price -Rs 399/-]

Biotique Lip Plumping Lip Balm [Price- Rs 99/-]

As they say, First Impression is the Last Impression and Team Enchantess failed to make one completely. I'll not be buying anymore subscriptions nor will I recommend it to anybody.  A big boo to the Enchantess Team.


Have you subscribed for these bags ?? What all did you got ?? Share your experience and opinions below.

P.S- It's ridiculously cloudy out here and hence the picture quality.    

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  1. i dont think its worth investing in this box :) following u :) hope to see u on my blog soon www.makeupchirps.com

    1. Welcome to Beauty Velvette Inderjeet :)
      Thanks for following, I am following you right away :)

  2. I agree with Inderjeet. Waste of Money.


    1. Welcome to Beauty Velvette Hina, it's nice having you here :)

  3. I got the exact same stuff in my bag and am really really pissed..for all the claims they made on the site this one is a real loser